NaNoWriMo Done

I’m standing at a table at the airport, since I’m going to come back to Boston for Thanksgiving, and I decided to open up my computer and finish my NaNoWriMo novel for real. I hit the wordcount goal days ago, I just had a few more pages to do before I could write “The End” at the back of it.

I actually have a formative plan to do a second NaNoWriMo-style word blitz in April. I can reliably write multiple books a year, but it’s good to have a specific schedule. The rest of the year can be edits, short works or possibly other full book drafts if I feel the need to.

As for this one, I finished it a lot faster than I expected so now I’m just standing here across from an actual, in-the-flesh Achievement Hunter as we wait for the Boston flight to board.

I’m really excited to see my friends and family again, although I’m definitely going to miss having constant ready access to queso made well and on real tex-mex. But I think overall I miss those people more, so it’s okay. I’m sure I’ll have no objections to gravy and turkey as a substitute.

NaNoWriMo Done

“Corner of the Internet”

I’ve always heard that a person who wants to become a “personality,” or in some way a public figure should have his, her or their own corner of the internet. So here it is, a domain with my name and what I am in it. And a brand as well I guess, since I’m too cheap to fork out the money to cut the “wordpress” from the domain but I’m cool with it.

Expect this blog wordpress thing to be functionally under construction for a few weeks. I already do have a place where I post stuff regularly, but that is also part of an existing community so it’s not quite the same as “a writer’s personal blog.” I guess I had a Livejournal when I was a kid, too, but nowadays Livejournal is basically where people go for updates from George R.R. Martin on Winds of Winter and I had a Tumblr that overloaded my old internet connection because I followed a book group that kept reposting dozens of .gifs at a time while I still had Comcast. So really, I think this nice, basic thing is where I’ll lay my feet for a lot of my mental purges.

But by under construction I mean that I don’t know what kind of content I should put up here yet. A lot of my personal, food and fitness stuff goes on the other blog page already and a lot of my fiction writing is in that grey area of not wanting to post it because I am trying to sell first publication rights to anyone who pays $0.05 USD or more per word. Some of it might be reposts from the other blog at times, some of it might be stories that I like and think are good but for one reason or another are not saleable. Overall, expect me to talk about fitness, food, art, entertainment, my writing and general life stuff with the occasional specter of politics appearing when the world gets nasty enough (To save you time, if you think “my country right or wrong,” or even the continuation of Nation-States as an institution, isn’t a horrible problem that needs to be cured then you probably won’t like my politics, even if you like my recipes and stories. If you use the term “SJW” as an insult then I think we’d both be happier if you just left now).

I sometimes have trouble with punctuation, capitalization and agreement of tense and case. That’s why I revise my stories like seven or eight times. Call it out when you see it and I’ll probably fix it.

So yeah, welcome to my experimental wordpress “Joseph Mazzola, Writer” blog thing. Pardon the appearance during construction.

“Corner of the Internet”