Lazer Team – a spoiler free review

Unclench your buttholes, it’s a good movie, yo.

Now that you’ve breathed your collective sighs of relief, let me just blurge out some thoughts I had as I watched it and mulled it over.

So it’s not perfect. No media is, but the flaws didn’t coincide with any of my particular pet peeves. I would have liked more Herman and Hagan interaction since their dynamic and backstory was one of my favorites in the movie. Mindy needed to be more important, since as it was she was really only that vital to the plot for a handful of scenes. Sometimes the CGI was really conspicuous, Not in a way that was too distracting, but the aliens in particular looked like video game characters walking around next to real people. So those are the major flaws, but like I said, none of those intersected with any particular pet peeves of mine.

There’s a lot of good in this movie, more than balancing out that stuff. The dynamic between the characters is great, especially between the guys in the actual Lazer Team and, as the movie progresses, with Adam. While you don’t need to have watched other RT content to like this movie, you’ll notice an in-joke or reference here or there, and structurally the group character arc will be a little familiar to RvB fans – Characters don’t get along or work well together and suck at everything, as the movie goes they start to get along and work well together and that makes them at least passably competent. The plot is actually fresh and new, with twists I was completely blindsided by (in a good way) that merit a second viewing even on their own. ​When the characters act dumb or cowardly or like pricks it makes sense for the characters to do that in context based on the information they have.

In fact, as always for anything Burnie has a hand in writing, the characters are easily the best part. They develop – not as far as 13 years of RvB characters but they do – and from beginning to end each one is distinctive and entertaining, and feel like they could be real people. Real dumb and/or asshole-y people at first, but real people you feel like you could meet at an H-E-B somewhere. I found myself immediately invested in all four of the Lazer Team guys, and all the side characters either got appropriate laughs or had neat dramatic moments (the head of a group of soldiers who do a thing that is pretty important is so deliberately overacted that it just works perfectly for both humor and drama).

As a sci-fi action comedy made by Rooster Teeth about a team of incompetents needing to learn to work together as a cohesive unit, comparisons to RvB are inevitable. Alternating in tone between funny and dramatic without ever missing a beat or feeling scattered, check. Characters being the focus of a plot that winds up more complex than it lets on? Check. Tasteful and tasteless masturbation jokes? Check. A surprising amount of heart to the story despite the deliberate silliness of the elevator pitch I gave at the start of this paragraph? Hell yeah.

So overall, not flawless but a very good movie you should absolutely go see.

Lazer Team – a spoiler free review

My Week Back With A Mushy Brain

So for some reason today my brain is just absolutely mush. Before that happened I did manage to write my weekly Buff Buddies post on the Rooster Teeth website. I’ll grant that I put that up today rather than Thursday/Friday as usual, so that doesn’t actually count as points in my favor.

This week was pretty mentally foggy overall, since I flew back on Monday, went from the airport to my place, dropped my stuff, walked to the library, swung by the H-E-B on the way back, then went straight to the gym.

After passing through my entire work week in a haze of post-travel tiredness and, to be honest, slight depression about leaving Boston and my friends and family behind, yesterday was pretty top. Hung out with some Austin friends and met a particularly interesting Australian pest control guy. Rewind that sentence a little, to clarify: this is a guy who lives currently near Houston but previously did pest control in Australia. So basically some kind of superhero. Through him I learned the Australian way to wear a hat and that their word for a “duster” is a “dry-as-a-bone.”

I also tried authentic Aussie Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls, and got my first taste of tim-tams ever all washed down with some Cooper’s Red, Cooper’s Stout and this one guy’s homebrew. All of it was delightful, and I had Homeslice Pizza for the first time afterwards which was also quite nice. I still need to try Torchy’s and Ramen Tatsu-Ya but at least I can check Homeslice off my list of “Austin places I always hear about and want to try but haven’t for some reason.”

So overall, I’ve had some ups and downs since getting back to Austin, but I will say at least I get to skip the winter weather!

For some reason I am beset with an overwhelming urge to get pizza despite my self-imposed Buff Buddies responsibilities (yesterday, as you may have gathered, was my cheat day) so I either need to just shut up and get pizza or start cooking so I’m committed to eating something else. Probably the latter. So off I go to make (and film?) my chicken stir fry!

My Week Back With A Mushy Brain

Sendoff Weekend

So it’s a bit hard to think straight right now. I’m about to head back down to Austin after an extended stay with friends and family in Boston, and it’s honestly like moving all over again. Only this time there’s no indication that I’ll get to come back anytime soon.

In fact, the way things are now it looks like the next time I’ll be back is when I move back. So there’s that.

Heavy-heartedness aside, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to send me off. Once Legends played their first show since I lived here, and I hung out and just chilled with friends and family the whole time. I did miss some people while I was here, and that makes me a bit sad, but, well, sometimes you fuck up.

So barring delays I’ll be back in Austin by this time tomorrow. If nothing else, I’ll be glad to be in nice weather again. But I’m definitely bracing myself to miss people.

Sendoff Weekend

Late – Still have a gross cold

Sorry I’m a day late, but I still have a gross cold (not sure if the title gave that one away) and am swimming in cold medicine to the point that I straight-up just forgot I hadn’t done this yesterday.

I am on the road to recovery but it seems like it’s at the worst when I’ve just woken up and later in the evening. Here’s hoping it’s nearly done so I can get on with my damn life.

Really not much else to put here except “sorry I already fucked up the blog every Sunday thing, I’ll try not to forget again.”

Late – Still have a gross cold

Be Nice to Resolutionists – a sort-of #BuffBuddies post

So people who go to the gym a lot may know what that title means. But to keep it simple, a “Resolutionist” is a person who buys a gym membership on January 1st, goes to the gym two or three times and then falls back off the wagon and never comes in again. Some people are disdainful of them because of that, and a few others punch down at them because they’re, well, new. They don’t know the gym faux pas yet, they don’t know how to work out yet, and so people with more experience are bothered by them and think of them less as “new gymgoers” and more as “obstacles.”

And I wonder if that might have more to do with their high drop-off rate than they, themselves do? I mean think about it, going to a gym for the first time is already intimidating. There’s a bunch of big, sweaty dudes and gorgeous, toned women using all these machines you don’t understand or lifting weights that are, frankly, probably heavier than they are. And then all these people turn when they walk in and look at them with (usually covered, sometimes open) hostility, like they aren’t welcome in “our” temple. And that’s a load of crap.

I had this whole long thing in my head but it got really cold and I made tea. It’s nice but I forgot where I was going with this in a lot of detail, so the short version is pretty much that instead of being a dick, if you see someone breaking the unspoken “gym code” by texting on the machines or not asking if benches are occupied, politely correct them. If you see people doing whacked-out, useless movements then  – again, politely – offer them tips and advice. It’ll be a lot more productive than staring daggers at everyone you don’t recognize.

Yeah I lost the plot a bit but yeah seriously be nice.

Be Nice to Resolutionists – a sort-of #BuffBuddies post

Colds and Shows

So I have a cold.

The gross kind.

That being said, I’m sad to inform you that between the A Loss For Words final show at the Worcester Palladium last Sunday and the NHBooking New Noise festival in Derry, NH yesterday – alongside a few other stragglers I encountered at New Year’s Eve parties – the entire New England punk/hardcore/metal community probably does too.

Because of that I’m going to keep this short, but I will say that even if I still lived in New England I would have overcome my cold to go to the New Noise festival. It was really great to see a bunch of local New England bands all supporting one another. It was a great way to see as many of my New England friends at once as possible, to boot (and, in the way I always do, I made a few new ones).

This cold (and DayQuil, my beloved archnemesis) is making me loopy, so let me just end it with “the New England music community is fucking cool” and go to bed with DayQuil’s nefarious sister NyQuil.

Colds and Shows