Be Nice to Resolutionists – a sort-of #BuffBuddies post

So people who go to the gym a lot may know what that title means. But to keep it simple, a “Resolutionist” is a person who buys a gym membership on January 1st, goes to the gym two or three times and then falls back off the wagon and never comes in again. Some people are disdainful of them because of that, and a few others punch down at them because they’re, well, new. They don’t know the gym faux pas yet, they don’t know how to work out yet, and so people with more experience are bothered by them and think of them less as “new gymgoers” and more as “obstacles.”

And I wonder if that might have more to do with their high drop-off rate than they, themselves do? I mean think about it, going to a gym for the first time is already intimidating. There’s a bunch of big, sweaty dudes and gorgeous, toned women using all these machines you don’t understand or lifting weights that are, frankly, probably heavier than they are. And then all these people turn when they walk in and look at them with (usually covered, sometimes open) hostility, like they aren’t welcome in “our” temple. And that’s a load of crap.

I had this whole long thing in my head but it got really cold and I made tea. It’s nice but I forgot where I was going with this in a lot of detail, so the short version is pretty much that instead of being a dick, if you see someone breaking the unspoken “gym code” by texting on the machines or not asking if benches are occupied, politely correct them. If you see people doing whacked-out, useless movements then  – again, politely – offer them tips and advice. It’ll be a lot more productive than staring daggers at everyone you don’t recognize.

Yeah I lost the plot a bit but yeah seriously be nice.

Be Nice to Resolutionists – a sort-of #BuffBuddies post

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