Sendoff Weekend

So it’s a bit hard to think straight right now. I’m about to head back down to Austin after an extended stay with friends and family in Boston, and it’s honestly like moving all over again. Only this time there’s no indication that I’ll get to come back anytime soon.

In fact, the way things are now it looks like the next time I’ll be back is when I move back. So there’s that.

Heavy-heartedness aside, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to send me off. Once Legends played their first show since I lived here, and I hung out and just chilled with friends and family the whole time. I did miss some people while I was here, and that makes me a bit sad, but, well, sometimes you fuck up.

So barring delays I’ll be back in Austin by this time tomorrow. If nothing else, I’ll be glad to be in nice weather again. But I’m definitely bracing myself to miss people.

Sendoff Weekend

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