Learning to Scream Days 4 and 5

​So okay, literally nothing went as planned. Cool.

Thing one, instead of four songs I just sang and screamed along with the entire Actor|Observer LP The Longer Now. And honestly if you haven’t bought that album already you’re fucking up big time. (By the way, they’re going on tour so go see them if you can).

Thing two, while my throat is already at the stage where it feels fine I had no energy today, no drive to do much of anything. Things are up in the air if I’ll take today to rest or if I’ll try to find a few songs to do after I eat, but still, something about today is weighing me down, like a prelude to a cold or something. I already shifted my workout to tomorrow and Sunday (I do that from time to time, still training six days but shifting when in the week I rest if needed). But I’m not sure.

Either way, I think TLN is a great album to practice with since it has both screaming and clean singing, so I was able to practice both. Fun fact – volume wise my clean singing is WAY louder. Like by orders of magnitude louder. Not sure why that is but I’ll just roll with it.

Learning to Scream Days 4 and 5

A check in and a new blog series – Screamer Day Three

​Hi everyone,

So after SXSW and however much other stuff, I’d say I’m in a positive groove now even if I lost count of days. So I think I can call Operation KNITTING a full success. I’m happier now than I was before and able to push through problems with more reasonable reactions. I’m still not going back to politics – I’m going to treat it as recovery for an addiction and stay away.

As for my new blog-ish series, I’ve decided, as regards creativity, I’m going to teach myself how to ​actually​ metal scream and document my journey. I’ve looked up a few tutorials so far and overall I think progress shouldn’t be too slow. According to the tutorials my throat may be a little scratchy and sore for a week or two before my false cords get more used to it, much like how muscles you aren’t used to working out are sore for a bit until they get used to it. If after a week or two I practice and I still feel a bit raspy and tight that means I am doing something wrong and need to go back to the drawing board. 

In the meantime, here’s some information about what I’m doing:

1. I’m training primarily “false cord” screaming and growling with some supplementary clean work if possible. This is mostly because false cording is the only variation of metal screaming I understand the mechanics of. I’ve looked up explanations of compression fry screaming – which is what several of my friends do – but I don’t understand the explanations of how to do it. It’s hard that you can’t see the throat, so the explanations of “just do x, y and z” make no sense to me. But that’s okay, since while I like the sound of both I feel like a lot of what I like is also false cord – traditional death metal stuff.

2. I’m drinking a lot of lukewarm/room temperature water. Supposedly this helps to recover after practicing. I also plan to buy some honey and tea in the near future since that also helps the throat. 

I figure I’ll try to do four full songs a day for a while on top of the practice noises I’ll be doing (more on those tomorrow, maybe?) and share them here if there’s a legal way to view them. In this case all four practice songs were from Vanna, off of their label’s official youtube channel. Feel free to give them a listen because they’re good anyway.

1. Fuel – Metallica Cover off of Vanna’s ALT album (I failed this one, tonal distortion escapes me almost as much as Fry screaming)

2. Digging – one of my favorite songs, from Vanna’s album VOID.

3. The Beautiful People – Marilyn Manson Cover off their ALT album

4. Bienvenue – also off of VOID


Hope you enjoy the songs and wish me luck!

A check in and a new blog series – Screamer Day Three

A Transplanted Post

Hi guys, so normally I want to put something up here every Sunday indefinitely, but because of SXSW I’ve been pretty busy. So I’m going to repost this week’s “fit4RTX” journal, which I normally leave on the RT site alone because it’s related to that community. Iunno, might be fin for my readers here so we’ll see.


Okay, so I’m good and deloaded now, back to my base weights from about two weeks before the week when I hit that last batch of my goals. As far as this week goes, my training was good for five days but my nutrition and rest were shit. As such, my normal sixth day of working out for the week (which is a secondary day for both legs and shoulders) I decided to take off and have two consecutive days without lifting. I feel like that’s okay considering how many calories I burned walking around and slammin’ at metal shows during SXSW.

So my plan for this week is to get nutrition and rest back on track. Because if this week has proven anything that I like to tell myself, it’s that everything is better as a burrito. However as far as fitness-related stuff that’s been proven true, it’s that “there is no overtraining, only under-recovery.” And I am sure under-recovered. Since today I’m sticking around the house and eating a good amount of protein and fiber I should be fully recovered by tomorrow and can spend the week proper eating chicken, vegetables with a bit of rice as-needed for carbs (probably Thursday to replenish me for deadlifts on Friday morning) to shed the SXSW excess.

The real diet is still a bit away – at the latest it’ll be starting May 1st, but I’d prefer to start it in mid-April or so if possible in order to be lean for RTX. I wouldn’t say my bodyfat percentage went up that much now – one week of not giving too much of a shit about my food intake while still burning a lot of calories won’t wreck you even if it is a stumbling block – but I still have some excess and could use some definition.

So off I go to rest like a boss. Hope y’all have a great and productive week!

A Transplanted Post

Operation KNITTING – SXSW Shenanigans

So I’m keeping this quick, sorry I missed the entry yesterday. Basically, I got mild sun fever after walking around all day. I also got a call saying there may be a catch in the job at the dealership, so I turned in early and basically fell asleep.

I’m juggling going out for St. Pat’s today, if I do I’ll likely hit up Rainey. Either way, hope y’all are having a great day!​ I think I might be close to kicking my addiction to politics – more on that to come later.

Either way, before I go out I’m watrching Don’t Drink And Drive Mario Kart with Achievement Hunter and ScrewAttack – I have a hell of a story from the only time I’ve played THAT game, but either way the title is good advice – don’t drink and drive!

Operation KNITTING – SXSW Shenanigans

Operation KNITTING update – 11:30PM. Reset, Day Zero

Fucking God dammit. Why do people keep needing to feed the troll that is Donald Trump?

I won’t say I got unreasonably angry – the existence of that living vomit stain can only reasonably be met with infuriated disgust – but for some reason today I just couldn’t let it go. I tried. I tried really hard. Obviously it didn’t work and the anger became overwhelming enough that I feel like I need to reset, so tomorrow will be another Day Zero.

But seriously, world, don’t feed the trolls. Please, for the love of God try to not talk about Donald Trump. Like every troll it only helps him. The fucking piece of shit.

Operation KNITTING update – 11:30PM. Reset, Day Zero

Operation KNITTING – Day 5 (Haha Get It?)

​Man, it’s getting harder to ignore politics but I am trying really hard to keep my nose out of it. But as they say, “brawl with a pig and you go away with his stink.” The old Norsemen had some solid wisdom.

And that wisdom has helped me pass through Day Four okay, despite the temptation to dwell in politics. I know only that today is a major milestone day in the elections, but I’m solid in my resolve to remain uninvolved beyond “Stop Donald Trump.”

Oh also this is Day Five. Anyone else hype for that show?

So I’ll hop on the positives real quick to get my mind farther from that circus.

1. I got Fable Anniversary in the mail today. I ordered it primarily with the Amazon gift card I got from my grandmother at Christmas. It is pre-owned, and while the box looks a little dinged the disc itself, overall, appears to be fine so here’s hoping it works!

2. Aminals play in Austin tomorrow! There’s some other SXSW stuff I’m hoping to do but that is the main thing and I am so damn excited for it!

3. My first unemployment check came today. Glad to say that as things stand it looks like it’ll be the first of only very few depending on when I start at the Ford place (or the other opportunity comes to fruition) but every little bit helps both before and after.

4. Back to the weather, it was like 90 degrees and sunny today as well, and it was magnificent. Flawless. It’s March 15th and it feels like the peak of Summer already as I understand it from the north. So this is exactly why I moved here.

5. It was just one of those days where I got a sight of myself in the gym mirror and realized that months and months of consistently working out means I actually look really good now. Not saying that in a braggy or conceited way, more in a “remap my brain to be able to see the good” way. My arms are getting thicker, my chest is getting better and my shoulders are more rounded. And dem calves, yo. Dem calves.

Okay, that’s that, I’m going to try and play Fable now, since Fable is awesome. People give it shit but I think it’s lovely.

Operation KNITTING – Day 5 (Haha Get It?)