A Day Of Fear

Today may well be the day, for all intents and purposes, that we get stuck with Donald Trump as President. A man who has condoned the bombing of innocent families, runs on an openly racist platform and has called for the horrifying, Nazi-esque requirement that Muslims be forced to wear some manner of identification and who has made no viable promises on policy as well as flip-flopped on what few issues he does talk about enough to have a literal debate with himself cut together out of the collective footage. And he may well take the White House in all but name today.

You’ve probably seen the article that makes me think this way more than anything else. This one. If the Democrats don’t run Sanders as opposed to flip-flopping, Wall-Street-owned, baggage-laden Clinton we’ll have Trump for President and only Hillary’s cronies in the DNC to blame for it. If they don’t run a candidate who brushes off all softball questions and forces talks towards the actual issues (where Trump has no ground to stand on) then he’ll simply bulldoze Hillary like the schoolyard bully he is by forcing every talk or debate to personal stuff or relying on his constituency’s fear of women to fuel the fire.

I’m terrified. I am legitimately afraid, a primal, animal fear that makes me want to lash a stone spear out of a cave-door at a rampaging bear. Trump may win today if the banks and corporations win the Democratic primary. And that means that America, as well as everyone else, loses.

And I’ll be out of here as fast as possible. And never return. Because we’ll have proven that America is as stupid and violent as the civilized world has come to think we are.

A Day Of Fear

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