Operation KNITTING – Another Day One Down!

​I got through another Day One! It’s definitely getting a lot easier to keep myself positive as I get more and more used to ​trying​ to think that way. And my reactions to negative events are getting a lot more controlled, a lot more normal and less extreme. So I’d call it progress even if my numerical day is still just “Day One.” 

Obviously, I’m still worried about the job thing. Very worried, if I’m being honest. But I have it under control now, and am using it to push myself instead of letting it weigh me down. Which I would also call an improvement.

I’m really tired now, so I’ll give a quick runthrough of some of the positives of the day as usual and then relax a little. 

1. I lit my kitchen on fire a little bit making cheeseburgers. It was absolutely hilarious and I only wish my camera was still going at the time, it made a great noise too. My hair didn’t even catch! (I’m not being disingenuous here, I thought it was funny).

2. I finally got around to cooking cheeseburgers in my apartment. It was a bit strange that I hadn’t done so since before I moved, so I rectified that by making some delicious burgers. I have enough of them to last me several days, as it happens. So I’m pretty thrilled about that since I love burgers and would gladly eat them and nothing else.

3. Thanks to LoZelda (who streams on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/rt_lozelda ) I finally had an excuse to head to Rudy’s when she had a community get-together there. No, yeah, you read that right. I’ve lived here since September and I still hadn’t been to Rudy’s. Hell, I still have Torchy’s on the to-do list, as well! That’ll come soon enough. I know I’m technically cheating because this happened yesterday, but it was after my last journal so I’ve decided to count it.

4. I did some math and, realistically, if I’m careful I’ll be fine. Without bogging y’all down with the numbers, between the final check from my old job, my tax refunds and the unemployment I qualify for (MA state unemployment is a bit weird, but I do qualify since my old job was there even though I worked remotely from Texas) I’ll be fine for a good while. I’m choosing to believe that by the time I would actually have to worry about it I’ll have another job ready to go. But even if I don’t I think, even if things are tight, I should actually be basically fine. 

5. SXSW is coming up soon! I’ve never been to one before but the boys from AMINALS are coming down from Boston and they are playing both a paid and free/unofficial event! On top of that there are a lot of free events, networking get-togethers and unofficial (read more free) metal shows. So I’m going to have a hell of a time!

Hope all y’all have a good night, see you on Day Two!

Operation KNITTING – Another Day One Down!

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