Operation KNITTING – Day Three, it’s Getting Easier

Busy, busy, busy! Whether because of or in spite of this, it seems to be getting a lot easier to keep positive and stop myself from dwelling on negative stuff. Still at a bit of a creative standstill, but I have to edit Saturday’s video soon so by tomorrow or Friday at the latest I’ll at least be able to get something done. As for tonight, I plan to play some Knights of the Old Republic II. Such a great game!

So here’s the list of good things as usual:

​1. For whatever reason I forgot Amon Amarth is putting out a new album soon, and will be touring shortly after. I don’t know if I can see them live (they are playing Boston but I’m not there, and the closest place they’re playing to Austin is San Antonio) but I assume the album will be fantastic and can’t wait to buy it!

2. I had a job interview today. I couldn’t really get a bead on what the interviewer thought, but I did get a call saying I am wanted for a second interview at the used car dealership, which I have a really good feeling about.

3. I took some cool pictures on the way to the gym from the job interview. I’m very active on Instagram but most of those pictures make their way to Facebook and Twitter as well. Austin is crazy pretty.

4. Today someone pointed out how good I look relative to how I used to look. Some dude at the gym I spotted once said “hi” and said I’d visibly lost a lot of weight. It was cool, we talked about our routines and stuff. Since Gold’s Gym is the place I spend the most time at with the exception of my apartment it was just cool to have a nice little conversation.

5. Aside from the conversation that really helped sink in something that I recently noticed about myself: For the first time in my life I actually think I look damn good. Oh sure I still need work. I have a bit more fat than I’d like and could use more muscle. But needing improvement isn’t the same as not being good, and my physique is currently good. Just in time for SXSW when I’ll be running around, but in general I’d say Fit4RTX has a good start!

Okay, I’m going to play some KotORII now, have a great night folks!

Operation KNITTING – Day Three, it’s Getting Easier

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