Operation KNITTING – 1:05 PM. Reset, Day Zero

Ah, dicks.

No really, I had to reset in part because of dicks.

So I’ll probably do a #fit4RTX journal about gym etiquette at some point, but nearly every gym rat makes the jokes about old dudes just hanging around in the locker rooms with their dicks out. I won’t lie, I was already struggling with a persistent angry mood all day. After I changed in the locker room I went off to take a piss and there was this dude, just standing by the (empty) showers, no towel or anything.

Like the three strolling women from a few days ago, I didn’t say anything. And while I think I had a right to be slightly annoyed, I was furious that this dude was apparently just hanging out with his dude hanging out for no reason whatsoever. More furious than I should have been for something that, while weird, isn’t all that unusual. Hell, it’s almost every gym rat’s go-to joke that middle-aged and older dudes just hang out naked in the locker room. So I’m back to Day Zero, but I feel like I’m going longer between each of these little episodes.

So on to my usual list of positives for the day/

1. Creativity ahoy! I edited Saturday’s video today so I can toss it up as soon as I wake up. I may even put it up early because of SXSW.

2. Second job interview at that one place tomorrow! It’s tough to find the balance between being hopeful and not counting un-hatched chickens. Like I said, hope is a new thing for me and I need practice. But, er, here’s hoping it goes well. I do have a good feeling based on my last interview there, though.

3. I did a nice thing for myself and took the gamble, half with an amazon gift card and half with my own money, and ordered Fable Anniversary for the Xbox 360 on Amazon. I don’t care what anyone says but Fable, especially the first one, is a very charming fantasy adventure and since original Xbox games are giving me a bit of trouble on my aging 360 buying a 360 HD remake seemed an okay course to take.

4. My last check from my old job came today, so no matter what happens tomorrow I do have time.

5. Okay, I know I’ve mentioned it before but I am so hype for SXSW. I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing and when, and when I’ll need to be in line for what I do plan on doing, but I’m sure I’ll have fun overall. Saturday is the first day I have a solid plan, Metal Monsters of Texas at Dirty Dog.

So I hope all y’all have a great rest of your night! I’ll try to keep up with these during SXSW but if there comes

Operation KNITTING – 1:05 PM. Reset, Day Zero

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