Operation KNITTING – Yet Another Day One

​Okay this one is going to be quick, since I’m going downtown for SXSW right now. I’m going to jump right into the positives and off I go!

1. Like I said, finally going to see what SXSW is like! Not sure where I’m going or what I’m doing, but I’m heading to 6th ASAP.

2. I got an awesome haircut. I look like Ragnar Lothbrok now and I am pretty freaking thrilled about it.

3. Today I tried my bench and deadlift max lifts. Deadlift was 275 pounds and bench was 155. Not record-setting by any measure, but far better than they used to be!

4. I bought a new flavor or protein. It’s from Body Fortress, so not the best brand but far from the worst, and it was a cookies-and-cream flavor. I love cookies-and-cream things, so this is basically turning protein into a treat.

5. I got a job.

Oh right. Probably should have opened with that.

I have to pass a computer aptitude and drug test before I start, but once those are done I’m in. So all the fear and uncertainty of unemployment is now essentially gone.

I’ve been to hell and back in my head the last few weeks. And now, on the first day of SXSW 2016, it’s time for me to celebrate. Off I go!

Have a great day, all of you!

Operation KNITTING – Yet Another Day One

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