Operation KNITTING – I’ll Count This One

​So I wasn’t very active in positivity today, but I wasn’t negative either. I could say I had reason to be, considering some circumstances, but I wasn’t. So I’m going to give today a pass and call it another completed Day Two.

I didn’t really do much of anything related to SXSW today. I meant to do a few things but I was so hung over from yesterday I basically didn’t bother. And I’m not 22 anymore. Back in the day I would have been happy to go to days of consecutive parties, but even now that the hangover is gone I’m simply too tired to go out, and have a few things I want to do tomorrow so I’ve been playing homebody.

And don’t worry, the “thing I could have been negative about” was nothing major, just a mess I had to clean up that took longer than I felt it should have.

Anyway, on to the usual! Like I mentioned I wasn’t very active today so some of these may be stretching it, but I’ll try!

1. My hair is even cooler than I thought. Because my beard grows in the same way Travis Fimmel’s does I legit look like Ragnar Lothbrok from seasons 1 and 2 before he shaved his head.

2. Despite it ending with me throwing up in a hotel bathroom, last night was really fun. Some Scottish millionaire kept paying for shots. Such is SXSW, I suppose?

3. I haven’t paid full price for a pizza in a long time. The Papa John’s people are on point with their social media coupons. In fact, today Pizza was my hangover food of choice.

4. I also made a lot of my own food for use during the week. It’s just vegetables and chicken, but it should be just what the doctor ordered to get me back on track. I’m not strictly dieting yet but still, I want to keep within reason even as I try to gain more strength.

5. I watched Episode 4 of Vikings season 4 today and holy shit I enjoyed it! Some slight potential spoilers (it’s available for free on the History channel official site, go watch it!) is that Alexander Ludwig is a brilliant facial actor. After the events of the season so far he just looks different now. Savage, almost feral. It’s a pretty badass transformation and I think the actor carries it so well.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll probably play some KotORII and maybe eat the rest of the pizza from earlier. I suppose a number 6 I could add is that it’s so good to be able to eat pizza and not have to beat myself up with buyer’s remorse.

Operation KNITTING – I’ll Count This One

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