A Transplanted Post

Hi guys, so normally I want to put something up here every Sunday indefinitely, but because of SXSW I’ve been pretty busy. So I’m going to repost this week’s “fit4RTX” journal, which I normally leave on the RT site alone because it’s related to that community. Iunno, might be fin for my readers here so we’ll see.


Okay, so I’m good and deloaded now, back to my base weights from about two weeks before the week when I hit that last batch of my goals. As far as this week goes, my training was good for five days but my nutrition and rest were shit. As such, my normal sixth day of working out for the week (which is a secondary day for both legs and shoulders) I decided to take off and have two consecutive days without lifting. I feel like that’s okay considering how many calories I burned walking around and slammin’ at metal shows during SXSW.

So my plan for this week is to get nutrition and rest back on track. Because if this week has proven anything that I like to tell myself, it’s that everything is better as a burrito. However as far as fitness-related stuff that’s been proven true, it’s that “there is no overtraining, only under-recovery.” And I am sure under-recovered. Since today I’m sticking around the house and eating a good amount of protein and fiber I should be fully recovered by tomorrow and can spend the week proper eating chicken, vegetables with a bit of rice as-needed for carbs (probably Thursday to replenish me for deadlifts on Friday morning) to shed the SXSW excess.

The real diet is still a bit away – at the latest it’ll be starting May 1st, but I’d prefer to start it in mid-April or so if possible in order to be lean for RTX. I wouldn’t say my bodyfat percentage went up that much now – one week of not giving too much of a shit about my food intake while still burning a lot of calories won’t wreck you even if it is a stumbling block – but I still have some excess and could use some definition.

So off I go to rest like a boss. Hope y’all have a great and productive week!

A Transplanted Post

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