Learning to Scream Days 4 and 5

​So okay, literally nothing went as planned. Cool.

Thing one, instead of four songs I just sang and screamed along with the entire Actor|Observer LP The Longer Now. And honestly if you haven’t bought that album already you’re fucking up big time. (By the way, they’re going on tour so go see them if you can).

Thing two, while my throat is already at the stage where it feels fine I had no energy today, no drive to do much of anything. Things are up in the air if I’ll take today to rest or if I’ll try to find a few songs to do after I eat, but still, something about today is weighing me down, like a prelude to a cold or something. I already shifted my workout to tomorrow and Sunday (I do that from time to time, still training six days but shifting when in the week I rest if needed). But I’m not sure.

Either way, I think TLN is a great album to practice with since it has both screaming and clean singing, so I was able to practice both. Fun fact – volume wise my clean singing is WAY louder. Like by orders of magnitude louder. Not sure why that is but I’ll just roll with it.

Learning to Scream Days 4 and 5

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