Screeching (Screaming?) Halt


Okay, so long story short, between job interviews and getting ABSOLUTELY TANKED on my birthday I haven’t exactly been blogging or doing much of anything outside of subsistence “get a day job and cook food” stuff since last weekend. Screamer practice I sort of fell off and writing, well, actually has been okay since I’m just preparing for April, where I’m going to try to do a NaNoWriMo style thing. Blogging took a major hit too.

So yeah, I’m tired but pretty content today. Waiting for some bank stuff and I’ll be buying an RT SideQuest ticket because, no disrespect intended to the main RTX event crew, SideQuest is why I go by and large with RTX being a neat little bonus thing. Ideally by the time the bank stuff is done I’ll either have a job or have a job confirmed for the immediate future. Hopefully, and I do mean that.

So yeah. I watched some gaming industry news last night so I’m pretty much not interested in playing video games today because that’s how I react to video game culture, apparently. It’s also a bit too late in the day for screaming (eh, well, kinda) so that probably means movies or Netflix for me tonight. I’ve been watching one show – not named to avoid spoilers in case some angry kid reacts to my gamer culture comment – but I may want to go for a comedy instead. I have only seen a few episodes of Always Sunny, so that’s a maybe?

Screeching (Screaming?) Halt

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