Working on writing gubs

So I’m trying to make a book right now. Trying to do three pages per day for at least the entire month. So this is going to be super short because I still have an extra page left to do. I might also swim or walk around

Either way, I’ll also share this week’s Fir4RTX journal.

Okay, so I’m back up to my working weights from the week before SXSW, as planned. The next steps are to go above and beyond what I was formerly capable of. Ideally one-rep max’es with at least one “full plate” unit above what my previous ones were (so 225 for the 155 ones, 315 for deadlift) but we’ll see how it goes when I get there. As for now, my working weights are now higher than my goal q-rep maximums were even less than a year ago. Which is a pretty cool thing to realize and is a major confidence-booster. So is looking in the mirror to check your form and realizing your arms are getting defined.

It’s been very interesting going to the gym as my strength has rocketed up. Because while I try not to pay attention to what anyone else is doing it’s apparent more and more that there’s less and less people in the gym who are stronger than me. Obviously there’s always someone better, but it’s obvious that I’m making fast progress and I’m happy about it.

As for today specifically, it was my favorite day – namely deadlift and bench. I’ve noticed the only time I hit an actual problem is this day as well. This program is hard but doable, and this is hard but doable, but as whiny as it may sound… well, pullups (even assisted ones) after deadlifts are not easy on the hands! It’s fine, I can and do power through it, but it’s just an interesting thing I noticed about my workout routine. Deadlift was 225 pounds for a 5×5, bench was 135 pounds for the same, and I had 44 pounds of assistance on the pullup. I was honestly surprised by it, too, since I was very low energy this morning and didn’t know if I’d be able to get all this to work.

I tried to weigh myself but I ate breakfast beforehand, so I’ll try again tomorrow and try to remember not to eat beforehand, but like I said I was low-energy today and needed fuel. Chili, rice, and shin ramyun spicy ramen leftovers (I made chili earlier this week and I often add rice to it, and last night I also added the ramen because I felt like it).

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

Working on writing gubs

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