#Fit4RTX Week Four – Almost Forgot This!

Wow, I almost forgot to post about this. That’s crazy, but it’s been a really full day so I’ll keep it quick.

So I’ve added swimming as cardio to a few days a week, now, since it’s consistently in the upper 70s to mid 80s here in Austin. It’s quite nice and very refreshing. As for my weights they have, predictably, gone up by the numbers as always.

My weight today was roughly 193. So I’m still gaining weight and strength which makes sense because I am eating a lot. Some of that is celebratory eating, but I try to keep it mostly stuff that isn’t too unreasonable. As far as this week I did drink more than I should have on two occasions, so I’m not doing flawlessly well but I’d still consider myself on-track.

Okay, I hope you all are having a great week and are succeeding in your goals, fitness and otherwise!

#Fit4RTX Week Four – Almost Forgot This!

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