#Fit4RTX Final Check In

Transferring this from my other blog location because I like this one because I’m a braggart sometimes šŸ™‚

Well folks, I made it. It’s the last normal day before RTX. So this morning I checked myself to see if I hit my goals. And they went like this:

Goal 1: Get ro 185 pounds. Status: Success! So much so I shifted it to 180, which is also a success! So goal one was passed with flying colors.

Goal 2: Ten conventional pullups. Status: Success! I have to tell you I wasn’t as sure about this one, I needed it set pretty high on the assistance machine to get even five. Even then, this morning at first I could only do five conventional but I could do ten chinups. Then, at the end of my workout with my back slammed I gave it one last try.

My form wasn’t perfect, I need to get a more complete range of motion, but I did unmistakably do ten conventional grip pullups after exhausting my back with it’s full routine.

So #Fit4RTX was 100% successful after all. When RTX is done I’ll do a post about next steps but for now it’s time to enjoy the summer!

Happy RTX everyone!

#Fit4RTX Final Check In

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