My Computer “Still At’ent Dead” And Other Thoughts


My computer turned on again. And with the help of a friend in tech it’s actually partially restored to it’s former ability. Not completely, but it’s hobbled now rather than crippled or dead. Not only that, but my move and jobhunt are both over so I can be more consistent about putting actual, quality content up on this blog again. Because what good is doing 52 blog posts in a year if all of them are “sorry this is so short but I’m busy and doing this for routine without putting any heart into it?”

So let’s recap my last few weeks. I moved halfway across the country as you know, but due to circumstances I was unable to transfer my Gold’s Gym job. That was unfortunate as Gold’s Gym was a wonderful place to work with awesome people. So after a quick hunt I got a few jobs. One is scooping ice cream between now and the winter for a friend. The other is a fitness coach at an elite fitness club in Brookline, Massachusetts. So that was a stroke of extraordinary luck, wouldn’t you say? That said I am caught between checks like an extended version of the last three days of a bi-weekly pay cycle. Once that comes to an end everything is basically back to what passes for my normal.

As far as non-work stuff, I’ve caught up with a good deal of my friends but there are still a few outliers whose schedules I haven’t been able to mesh with yet. There was a party where I drank vodka as though it were beer, and several shows ranging from local bands like Aminals, Actor|Observer and The Shallow End Divers to the original metal legends, Black Sabbath. At my youngest brother’s urging I played Shadow of Mordor on his Xbox One and it was actually a good deal of fun. I borrowed The Zen of Screaming for a friend of mine and I watched it and am making decent progress at screaming well. As I’ve mentioned previously I have a short story in a physical anthology and I’m prepping for NaNoWriMo, especially now that my work life is settling down. There’s still a lot to do both for work and for everything else, but the chaos of my life is more of the magnitude I prefer, which is still present but not much that I can’t keep my head above water.

So I hope all y’all had and have a great week and I’ll be back to doing real blog posts next week, I hope!

My Computer “Still At’ent Dead” And Other Thoughts

Learning to Scream Days 4 and 5

​So okay, literally nothing went as planned. Cool.

Thing one, instead of four songs I just sang and screamed along with the entire Actor|Observer LP The Longer Now. And honestly if you haven’t bought that album already you’re fucking up big time. (By the way, they’re going on tour so go see them if you can).

Thing two, while my throat is already at the stage where it feels fine I had no energy today, no drive to do much of anything. Things are up in the air if I’ll take today to rest or if I’ll try to find a few songs to do after I eat, but still, something about today is weighing me down, like a prelude to a cold or something. I already shifted my workout to tomorrow and Sunday (I do that from time to time, still training six days but shifting when in the week I rest if needed). But I’m not sure.

Either way, I think TLN is a great album to practice with since it has both screaming and clean singing, so I was able to practice both. Fun fact – volume wise my clean singing is WAY louder. Like by orders of magnitude louder. Not sure why that is but I’ll just roll with it.

Learning to Scream Days 4 and 5

Operation KNITTING – Day Two Wrapped, It Took Some Work

​It was a struggle, but it looks like I managed to complete Day Two.

It was a struggle because I’ve been tired all day, so my mind wandered often without my deliberate control and I had to jerk awake and wrest it away from the nasty places it was trying to go. But I did manage to get it done, despite everything.

And I was helped by copious homemade cheeseburgers.

Unfortunately, I’ve been stymied on the “creativity every day” thing, but only for today. By tomorrow I should hope to be doing creative things again.

Okay, as usual, here’s a crop of nice things that happened today:

1. I hit a personal best on squats today. I actually slowed down on those after I twisted my ankle at a Vanna show a while back, so it was nice to load up a bit more weight and get back to it. More on that this Saturday in my #fit4RTX journal.

2. Those cheeseburgers are hella good. I made a lot of them yesterday and will be reheating them throughout the week. Happy to say I haven’t lost my touch on those despite the long gap since the last time I made them!

3. I’m getting ready to watch the most recent episode of Vikings from the History channel. For all it’s flaws I love that show so much and I’m eager to see where this season goes. I have some internal predictions but we’ll see how they go.

4. Skeletonwitch put out a new song today! I honestly think the new singer sounds better than the old one. Shows how behind I was, I hadn’t realized they’d booted their original vocalist until quite recently. Either way, the song definitely captures the spirit of Skeletonwitch as I understand it, and I think they’ll do fine with their new lineup.

5. Speaking of music stuff, my friends in Actor|Observer are going on tour! While I was hoping they could make their way down to Austin it is, understandably, a bit too far. Atlanta is the closest to here that they’ll be coming so unless some of my Austin friends feel like a crazy Southern road trip it looks like I’ll have to wait to see them play live again, but in either case I’m just happy that their touring range is getting wider and wider.

6. I have another interview tomorrow! This one is for entry level management and marketing, so we’ll see how it goes. It’s a little far but not insane, and I needed to head to the library because they want me to bring a printed copy of my resume, but since it’s entry level at something I actually have some level of experience in I hope I’ll do well.

Okay, that’s it for me. I’m going to watch Vikings and get some rest. Good night, all!

Operation KNITTING – Day Two Wrapped, It Took Some Work

Amplifier TV – Play Warped Tour (Actor|Observer)

​Hi everyone,

I have a bit of a favor to ask. My good friends in Actor|Observer are trying to win a spot on the main stage at Vans Warped Tour! The way this is being judged is at least in part through social media exposure. They have their page set up here. If you listen to their songs and watch their videos they get points, and if you share them for other people to listen to they also get points.

I really like their music (and I’m not just saying that because they are my friends) so if they get this opportunity it would make me overjoyed.

Amplifier TV – Play Warped Tour (Actor|Observer)

Went to a Vanna show in Austin

It was really nice to hear some live Boston music down here in Austin. Sad to say the only person who recognized my Actor|Observer shirt was Shawn Marquis, the bassist of Vanna whose brother is Actor|Observer’s lead vocalist.

In any case, my forehead now has a dent in it and it’s hard to put weight on my left foot. So that’s the sign of a good pit, I’d say. And I heard about some local bands so I’ll be going to more shows in the future! I’m pretty hype about that since going to shows is something I definitely miss about Boston life.

Spending today recovering, I’ll probably watch the most recent Dragonball Z movie to cap off my weekend.

Went to a Vanna show in Austin

Colds and Shows

So I have a cold.

The gross kind.

That being said, I’m sad to inform you that between the A Loss For Words final show at the Worcester Palladium last Sunday and the NHBooking New Noise festival in Derry, NH yesterday – alongside a few other stragglers I encountered at New Year’s Eve parties – the entire New England punk/hardcore/metal community probably does too.

Because of that I’m going to keep this short, but I will say that even if I still lived in New England I would have overcome my cold to go to the New Noise festival. It was really great to see a bunch of local New England bands all supporting one another. It was a great way to see as many of my New England friends at once as possible, to boot (and, in the way I always do, I made a few new ones).

This cold (and DayQuil, my beloved archnemesis) is making me loopy, so let me just end it with “the New England music community is fucking cool” and go to bed with DayQuil’s nefarious sister NyQuil.

Colds and Shows