Adventuring Around Austin

So today I walked around for six hours. I got lost in some woods, saw a snake, ignored a sign saying a bridge was damaged and got semi-stuck in a gorge because it was “destroyed” rather than “damaged.”

Finally tried Ramen Tatsu-Ya, which means the only place in Austin I wanted to try before moving here but haven’t is Gordoughs. I’ve found other places I want to try since but that’s a different thing.

All told that six hours has me wiped, though, so I’m going to relax before my first day at the new job tomorrow.

Adventuring Around Austin

Adventure Day 2

So today, as I’ve decided last week, is adventure day 2. I’m going to do these on Sundays for as long as I can, both for a bit of extra calorie burn and just for fun.

It’s cloudy, but warm so I don’t think I’ll have weather problems. My umbrella will stay in the backpack just in case.

I’m going to do a bit of writing, call my parents and head out. I encourage anyone not living in a winter wasteland (I understand that omits a lot of people, sorry) to get out and see what’s out there today. You never know what you’ll find.

Although I may have to not go out to eat, though. I have a check incoming, the penultimate one from my previous job but I’m not sure when. Could be any day from Monday to March, and since I have no way of knowing or influencing that I want to be very careful until it comes since I do need at least some money for this upcoming week.

Mostly to get an Uber to a job interview, but hey, I still need it.


Adventure Day 2

I Had an Adventure

So today was the Austin marathon and half-marathon. Since Josh Flanagan of Rooster Teeth was running it and said he would have a meetup afterwards I was going to head to that after the gym. It was at a cafe that was downtown, but when I searched it on Google Maps I was sent to a different one. It wasn’t that far, but it my progress was impeded by the marathon so I had to wander around.

After I found out it was the wrong one I shifted gears to just exploring. I left my apartment at 8AM and got back at 1PM, and I think I’m going to make a Sunday adventure a regular thing. Really burned me out but I might try to head to 6th, maybe. Not sure about that but I’ll figure it out.

Hope y’all had a great weekend! I did make a poem though about my least favorite holiday, though, just bear in mind it’s kind of brutal:

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I’m single on Valentine’s Day again,

Go fuck yourself.”


I Had an Adventure