#RippedLikeGoku and #VegetaStrong plus some political BS

It’s been a rough few weeks, mostly because of election anxiety. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or who are friends with me on Facebook probably know I’m pretty hot right now, very firmly in the anti-Trump camp. But either way, we’ve got about two days (not counting the rest of today) until this is past or until it’s perpetual. But at least I can appreciate the comedy in the man who wants access to the nuclear codes having his Twitter account taken away by aides because they don’t trust his self-control.

There’s a lot of tension between my family and I because several of them are Trump supporters and I’ve hit the point in my anti-Trump fervor that I refuse to have any empathy for his voters. Basically I consider Trump voters, at this stage after everything he’s said and done, to be bad people who implicitly approve of sexual assault, racism and fascism. Yes, including my own family. So that’s a bit tense since I do still live here with my parents post-Austin (one of which, predictably my Dad, is a Trump supporter) as I apartment-hunt and save my money up to actually do it, but hopefully that will start to get moving better soon once I’m out of here.

I’m doing NaNoWriMo 2016, as well. It’s still Buffer Week for me, where I write four pages, roughly 3,000 words, per day to give myself a buffer for later in the month. The only problem is between the move, my new job and election anxiety I did none of my usual planning and I’m now 18,000 words committed to a book that isn’t working. It’s fine, I can basically convert it to practice for nightmarish imagery and dialog, but it’s still a bit of a slog. Maybe it’ll get easier when the election is over. If Trump loses, at least. If it doesn’t I’ve never failed a NaNoWriMo since I started doing them and I don’t mean to start now!

My saving grace and guiding light, though, through all of this is fitness. Both regarding work and regarding my general life. It makes me happy to work out, and as I do my NASM study and get more knowledge I see my future career becoming more solid. And it’s primarily the fitness stuff I want to talk to y’all about today.

So I have a new routine! I scaled back a bit during my moving period and I’ve now amped it back up. This week I did a full workout six days and a run today. So I figure for shits and giggles I’d let you guys know what I work on each day. In general, I’m trying to get into as good or better shape than I was at RTX 2016, which was when I would consider myself in the best shape I’ve ever been in (175 pounds, about 15% bodyfat by a hair, my current stats being about 185 pounds and 17%-18% bodyfat).

So first off, I do a set of 15-minute HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) cardio before and after every workout, which means I do 12 of those per week. Normally I’m on a treadmill or a stepmill/stairmaster when I do that. So I’d plonk those in before and after each routine that follows on the list below. Some of this is a little bit malleable and I’ll explain why after.

Day 1: Lower Body. Deadlifts (formerly part of my back days because of their work on the erector spinae but since I do sumo-style thanks to my flexibility issues I’ve shifted them), squats, kettlebell swings and calves, with some other hamstring work as needed.

2. Koko FitClub Smartraining. I work at a Koko FitClub (the robot gym Ryan Haywood used to use in Austin before those franchises closed!) and do the workout prescribed to me on their Smartrainer machine. It’s a full-body workout with varying emphasis depending on the point you’ve reached in your chosen program.

3. Chest, back and arms. Rows, pullups, bench, and having a lot of fun arm stuff.

4. Koko Smartraining

5. Shoulders and more kettlebell swings

6. The Leftovers – namely, anything that wasn’t hit between my own routines and Smartraining. This week is was my calves (since I forgot them on Tuesday), my traps and my abs between the cardio sessions.

So this can be malleable for a number of reasons. First off, since Smartraining is a full-body routine with a varied focus when I check my workouts it might make more sense for me to do them on a day before one of my freeweight routines, which happened this week. Additionally, I might shift it for scheduling since when I do Smartraining I do it before leaving work, and the other stuff I stop in and change at home first. So this upcoming week I’ll do Smartraining on Monday and go vote to stop Trump on Tuesday before heading into the gym then continue as normal.

Either way, it feels great to be back up to six workouts a week. Now I just need to fix the fact that when it comes to fatty, greasy, delicious comfort food, things like pizza, cheeseburgers, burritos and steak bomb sandwiches, I have a will as weak as wet paper. If I can do that (which I have done before when I lived alone) I should meet or exceed my RTX shape in no time!

And if (which is a VERY BIG if) I can figure out how to do cosplay by RTX and manage to get myself as buff as I hope to be, you might see a “Savage” variation of a certain wild man of the woods in an iconic bearskin walking around. HMMMMM.

So wish me luck as I try to get #RippedLikeGoku and #VegetaStrong

Yes, I am hype for DB Super to come stateside.

Oh also, leave a comment letting me know what you think a fair price would be for me to do online coaching of some description. I have a few plans but just spitball at me, okay?

#RippedLikeGoku and #VegetaStrong plus some political BS

Operation KNITTING – Day Two Wrapped, It Took Some Work

​It was a struggle, but it looks like I managed to complete Day Two.

It was a struggle because I’ve been tired all day, so my mind wandered often without my deliberate control and I had to jerk awake and wrest it away from the nasty places it was trying to go. But I did manage to get it done, despite everything.

And I was helped by copious homemade cheeseburgers.

Unfortunately, I’ve been stymied on the “creativity every day” thing, but only for today. By tomorrow I should hope to be doing creative things again.

Okay, as usual, here’s a crop of nice things that happened today:

1. I hit a personal best on squats today. I actually slowed down on those after I twisted my ankle at a Vanna show a while back, so it was nice to load up a bit more weight and get back to it. More on that this Saturday in my #fit4RTX journal.

2. Those cheeseburgers are hella good. I made a lot of them yesterday and will be reheating them throughout the week. Happy to say I haven’t lost my touch on those despite the long gap since the last time I made them!

3. I’m getting ready to watch the most recent episode of Vikings from the History channel. For all it’s flaws I love that show so much and I’m eager to see where this season goes. I have some internal predictions but we’ll see how they go.

4. Skeletonwitch put out a new song today! I honestly think the new singer sounds better than the old one. Shows how behind I was, I hadn’t realized they’d booted their original vocalist until quite recently. Either way, the song definitely captures the spirit of Skeletonwitch as I understand it, and I think they’ll do fine with their new lineup.

5. Speaking of music stuff, my friends in Actor|Observer are going on tour! While I was hoping they could make their way down to Austin it is, understandably, a bit too far. Atlanta is the closest to here that they’ll be coming so unless some of my Austin friends feel like a crazy Southern road trip it looks like I’ll have to wait to see them play live again, but in either case I’m just happy that their touring range is getting wider and wider.

6. I have another interview tomorrow! This one is for entry level management and marketing, so we’ll see how it goes. It’s a little far but not insane, and I needed to head to the library because they want me to bring a printed copy of my resume, but since it’s entry level at something I actually have some level of experience in I hope I’ll do well.

Okay, that’s it for me. I’m going to watch Vikings and get some rest. Good night, all!

Operation KNITTING – Day Two Wrapped, It Took Some Work

Operation KNITTING – 2:01 PM. Reset, Day Zero

​Okay, so I’d still call it progress.

First off, thanks to my friend DiMono for the new, official name for this little experiment, in full “Operation Kick Negativity In The Testicles & Instigate New Gladness​.” I thought it was quite clever and so I’m using it. 

While I’m thanking, I should mention that the idea for this experiment was very loosely based on something from a blog called “Dr. Nerdlove” as regards boosting self-confidence for young men who have trouble talking to women. The details and context are different but the rough structure is the same, so I assume that is where my brain got at least part of the idea for how I’m going about this remapping project. 

Anyway, as I mentioned my life situation is going to prevent me from blowing off all negativity, so I’m focusing on removing avoidable stressors (like politics) and in keeping my reactions to everyday things normal (as opposed to flying off the handle when Steam doesn’t work). So today I had made a point of not looking at politics and was off to the gym in the beautiful Austin, Texas sun (my shoulders are very crispy now, let me tell you!) and things were going well.

I am a fast walker. I try to get where I’m going quickly, just because. Obviously I have no time obligations anymore when I don’t have an interview, but it’s just a long habit. It’s also good for cardio. 

So a few blocks before the gym these three women walk out of a store right as I pass it and begin walking in just such a way as to take up almost the whole sidewalk. And these three were very much not fast walkers. And of course who could blame them? It was a beautiful, sunny day! I was in the wrong for rushing rather than taking the time to saunter about outside in the lovely weather. All the same, I tried to pass them as politely as possible, but no matter where I moved the sidelong rhythm of their walk shifted at least one of them right in front of me.

Now before you get all aghast at me, I didn’t say anything. I eventually made my way past them but by the time I did I was furious. And even though I didn’t act on it, and nobody would know if I just kept it quiet, this is here to keep me accountable: I was inordinately mad at something I shouldn’t have been even a little angry at. So I whipped out my phone when they were out of earshot, opened Snapchat and told my friends on there the following:

“2:01 PM. Reset, Day Zero.”

Because emotions exist in my brain, I have to be honest with myself when I feel them. And if I allow myself to indulge in one of the emotions I’m trying to step away from – especially when they have no justifiable cause like my flash of anger at these women for doing nothing more unreasonable than taking their time on a summer day (for me this is basically summer) – I would be cheating nobody but myself if I allowed today to remain Day One and made tomorrow Day Two. So I reset, kept at it as best I can for the rest of the day (I had a few other stumbles but nothing too terrible and most justified well enough by the situation that only a few of them would result in a full reset) and tomorrow the sun rises on Day One take three. 

As far as nice things today went, I have a few to list. I’ll be doing that, as well as speaking about them out loud, to force these nice things through as many passages of my brain as possible. I’ll try to get at least five a day, eventually ramping it up to ten. And I’ll do it last or close to last, so it’s the last thing I think about for my daily little progress reports:

1. Oh my God, the weather these last few days. Sunny and upper 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit. It’s inching closer and closer to my ideal weather (sunny and 90s-100s) and I remind myself that this is, in large part, why I moved here. To escape the cold of New England in a place that’s always – at least by my standards – warm.

2. I learned how to spell Fahrenheit. My fingers instinctively spell it F-A-R-BACKSPACE-H-R-E-N-H-E-I-T but even with the extra two buttons I can spell it! I still prefer it to Celsius but damn is the latter easier to spell!

3. The pool in my complex has been cleaned out at last! I love to swim, and they couldn’t have timed it better! I’m sure, especially while I’m still job hunting, I’ll make heavy use of it. Today I didn’t because I was busy, but busy is good.

4. I have yet another job interview tomorrow. 9AM in South Austin, and WOW did that come quickly! I applied I believe today or yesterday, they called to set up the interview today and missed me, I called back and they asked if I was available for an interview tomorrow morning. So I’m excited. I am making myself feel excited. The last few interviews I deliberately stifled that in order to “not get my hopes up” and stave off disappointment. Obviously that hasn’t worked out so well, has it? So I’m forcing myself to get pumped, to feel confident. To… believe that I really can get through this. To hope, something I have never done before.

5. Creativity has spiked today. Not only did I do book edits, I also edited tomorrow’s video, which I’ll upload before I go off for the interview. So that’s even more than I meant to do. Sliding back into it like a glove. 

I feel very interesting today. I honestly have a weird headache, not like my usual kind. It’s more like the kind of dull throb when you work out muscles you don’t normally train. Which I take as encouragement that I am on the right track, and that this is something I should keep doing. See you tomorrow for Day One again!

Operation KNITTING – 2:01 PM. Reset, Day Zero