My Computer “Still At’ent Dead” And Other Thoughts


My computer turned on again. And with the help of a friend in tech it’s actually partially restored to it’s former ability. Not completely, but it’s hobbled now rather than crippled or dead. Not only that, but my move and jobhunt are both over so I can be more consistent about putting actual, quality content up on this blog again. Because what good is doing 52 blog posts in a year if all of them are “sorry this is so short but I’m busy and doing this for routine without putting any heart into it?”

So let’s recap my last few weeks. I moved halfway across the country as you know, but due to circumstances I was unable to transfer my Gold’s Gym job. That was unfortunate as Gold’s Gym was a wonderful place to work with awesome people. So after a quick hunt I got a few jobs. One is scooping ice cream between now and the winter for a friend. The other is a fitness coach at an elite fitness club in Brookline, Massachusetts. So that was a stroke of extraordinary luck, wouldn’t you say? That said I am caught between checks like an extended version of the last three days of a bi-weekly pay cycle. Once that comes to an end everything is basically back to what passes for my normal.

As far as non-work stuff, I’ve caught up with a good deal of my friends but there are still a few outliers whose schedules I haven’t been able to mesh with yet. There was a party where I drank vodka as though it were beer, and several shows ranging from local bands like Aminals, Actor|Observer and The Shallow End Divers to the original metal legends, Black Sabbath. At my youngest brother’s urging I played Shadow of Mordor on his Xbox One and it was actually a good deal of fun. I borrowed The Zen of Screaming for a friend of mine and I watched it and am making decent progress at screaming well. As I’ve mentioned previously I have a short story in a physical anthology and I’m prepping for NaNoWriMo, especially now that my work life is settling down. There’s still a lot to do both for work and for everything else, but the chaos of my life is more of the magnitude I prefer, which is still present but not much that I can’t keep my head above water.

So I hope all y’all had and have a great week and I’ll be back to doing real blog posts next week, I hope!

My Computer “Still At’ent Dead” And Other Thoughts

Crazy Eventful Week

Holy balls, guys. That was insane.

So I started my new job on Monday and it’s fantastic. I have awesome co-workers and the work itself is actually very enjoyable. I also get to interact with gym rats all day long. Ah, my people! I’d say it’s a pretty awesome development in my life and it suits me much better than my last job, which means everybody’s happy. I even met [REDACTED] from [REDACTED], who is someone I enormously respect as a host and as comedic talent. Not sharing his/her name here though because he/she might not want to get swamped by fans during a workout.

As for non-work stuff I went to a “Farewell to the FORT” party and it was incredible! Between the chat on Griffon Ramsey’s Twitch and the people there in person I met a ton of awesome people. It was overall a wonderful experience and I’m glad I did it, and interacting with those sorts of people is one of the reasons I moved down here in the first place.

Aside from that I started my diet, and I’m getting into my normal work schedule next week. Which should also put my writing schedule back on track.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I’m going to write and listen to Jomsviking by Amon Amarth.

Crazy Eventful Week

Operation KNITTING – Day 5 (Haha Get It?)

​Man, it’s getting harder to ignore politics but I am trying really hard to keep my nose out of it. But as they say, “brawl with a pig and you go away with his stink.” The old Norsemen had some solid wisdom.

And that wisdom has helped me pass through Day Four okay, despite the temptation to dwell in politics. I know only that today is a major milestone day in the elections, but I’m solid in my resolve to remain uninvolved beyond “Stop Donald Trump.”

Oh also this is Day Five. Anyone else hype for that show?

So I’ll hop on the positives real quick to get my mind farther from that circus.

1. I got Fable Anniversary in the mail today. I ordered it primarily with the Amazon gift card I got from my grandmother at Christmas. It is pre-owned, and while the box looks a little dinged the disc itself, overall, appears to be fine so here’s hoping it works!

2. Aminals play in Austin tomorrow! There’s some other SXSW stuff I’m hoping to do but that is the main thing and I am so damn excited for it!

3. My first unemployment check came today. Glad to say that as things stand it looks like it’ll be the first of only very few depending on when I start at the Ford place (or the other opportunity comes to fruition) but every little bit helps both before and after.

4. Back to the weather, it was like 90 degrees and sunny today as well, and it was magnificent. Flawless. It’s March 15th and it feels like the peak of Summer already as I understand it from the north. So this is exactly why I moved here.

5. It was just one of those days where I got a sight of myself in the gym mirror and realized that months and months of consistently working out means I actually look really good now. Not saying that in a braggy or conceited way, more in a “remap my brain to be able to see the good” way. My arms are getting thicker, my chest is getting better and my shoulders are more rounded. And dem calves, yo. Dem calves.

Okay, that’s that, I’m going to try and play Fable now, since Fable is awesome. People give it shit but I think it’s lovely.

Operation KNITTING – Day 5 (Haha Get It?)

Operation KNITTING – My First Day Four, a Big One

​Yeah I really don’t have a lot of commentary for you guys today. I feel different now. Better, just… better. It’s hard to explain it more than that. With the absence of the fear from my lack of employment (still don’t know when I’d be starting exactly but I should hear back soon) combined with the deliberate practice I’m doing here it’s having an appreciable effect on the way I think and act while at rest.

So let’s get on to my usual list, shall we?

1. HOLY FUCK KILLING JOKE WITH KEVIN CONROY AND MARK HAMILL! I’m not a huge comics guy but I genuinely enjoyed Killing Joke and to hear “my” Batman and Joker will be reprising their roles just makes me overjoyed. Because let’s face it, to most millennials those voices ARE Batman and the Joker.

2. It was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Austin today, and sunny. I had my windows open all day long to let in the fresh air. My apartment got up to 86 and I’m in heaven right now.

3. This one I may need to phrase a bit obscurely just because on ongoing whatevers, but I may have a uniquely well-suited opportunity in the near future (albeit one that is not writing related). I don’t see why it wouldn’t play out, but still, I don’t want to go counting unhatched chickens. However even the possibility (and pretty significant likelihood of that possibility being realized) is exciting. #teaseteasetease

4. Speaking of writing, doing some worldbuilding today. It’s a fun thing to do that’s probably the easiest thing about writing because it’s just listing all the cool shit. It’s basically just stretching, the equivalent of a mobility routine for your body only in your brain, but it’s a good way to get back in the groove.

5. In fact, I think I’ve had ideas come easier and more freely since I got the “congratulations we’ll follow up soon to tell you when you start” from the dealership. I think the fear being gone has basically opened the floodgates back up. Basically I apparently write the way people in disaster movies fuck: “oh God I’m so glad to be alive well you’re hard enough to work with lets GO.”

That went to a REALLY weird place. Good to know my absolutely vile sense of humor is recovering apace with everything else.

Anyway, I’m probably going to spend tonight in. My next real SXSW-related thing is Wednesday when Aminals are playing at Dirty Dog, but we’ll see if I don’t go in to do anything else tomorrow.

Operation KNITTING – My First Day Four, a Big One

Operation KNITTING – 1:05 PM. Reset, Day Zero

Ah, dicks.

No really, I had to reset in part because of dicks.

So I’ll probably do a #fit4RTX journal about gym etiquette at some point, but nearly every gym rat makes the jokes about old dudes just hanging around in the locker rooms with their dicks out. I won’t lie, I was already struggling with a persistent angry mood all day. After I changed in the locker room I went off to take a piss and there was this dude, just standing by the (empty) showers, no towel or anything.

Like the three strolling women from a few days ago, I didn’t say anything. And while I think I had a right to be slightly annoyed, I was furious that this dude was apparently just hanging out with his dude hanging out for no reason whatsoever. More furious than I should have been for something that, while weird, isn’t all that unusual. Hell, it’s almost every gym rat’s go-to joke that middle-aged and older dudes just hang out naked in the locker room. So I’m back to Day Zero, but I feel like I’m going longer between each of these little episodes.

So on to my usual list of positives for the day/

1. Creativity ahoy! I edited Saturday’s video today so I can toss it up as soon as I wake up. I may even put it up early because of SXSW.

2. Second job interview at that one place tomorrow! It’s tough to find the balance between being hopeful and not counting un-hatched chickens. Like I said, hope is a new thing for me and I need practice. But, er, here’s hoping it goes well. I do have a good feeling based on my last interview there, though.

3. I did a nice thing for myself and took the gamble, half with an amazon gift card and half with my own money, and ordered Fable Anniversary for the Xbox 360 on Amazon. I don’t care what anyone says but Fable, especially the first one, is a very charming fantasy adventure and since original Xbox games are giving me a bit of trouble on my aging 360 buying a 360 HD remake seemed an okay course to take.

4. My last check from my old job came today, so no matter what happens tomorrow I do have time.

5. Okay, I know I’ve mentioned it before but I am so hype for SXSW. I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing and when, and when I’ll need to be in line for what I do plan on doing, but I’m sure I’ll have fun overall. Saturday is the first day I have a solid plan, Metal Monsters of Texas at Dirty Dog.

So I hope all y’all have a great rest of your night! I’ll try to keep up with these during SXSW but if there comes

Operation KNITTING – 1:05 PM. Reset, Day Zero

Operation KNITTING – Day Three, it’s Getting Easier

Busy, busy, busy! Whether because of or in spite of this, it seems to be getting a lot easier to keep positive and stop myself from dwelling on negative stuff. Still at a bit of a creative standstill, but I have to edit Saturday’s video soon so by tomorrow or Friday at the latest I’ll at least be able to get something done. As for tonight, I plan to play some Knights of the Old Republic II. Such a great game!

So here’s the list of good things as usual:

​1. For whatever reason I forgot Amon Amarth is putting out a new album soon, and will be touring shortly after. I don’t know if I can see them live (they are playing Boston but I’m not there, and the closest place they’re playing to Austin is San Antonio) but I assume the album will be fantastic and can’t wait to buy it!

2. I had a job interview today. I couldn’t really get a bead on what the interviewer thought, but I did get a call saying I am wanted for a second interview at the used car dealership, which I have a really good feeling about.

3. I took some cool pictures on the way to the gym from the job interview. I’m very active on Instagram but most of those pictures make their way to Facebook and Twitter as well. Austin is crazy pretty.

4. Today someone pointed out how good I look relative to how I used to look. Some dude at the gym I spotted once said “hi” and said I’d visibly lost a lot of weight. It was cool, we talked about our routines and stuff. Since Gold’s Gym is the place I spend the most time at with the exception of my apartment it was just cool to have a nice little conversation.

5. Aside from the conversation that really helped sink in something that I recently noticed about myself: For the first time in my life I actually think I look damn good. Oh sure I still need work. I have a bit more fat than I’d like and could use more muscle. But needing improvement isn’t the same as not being good, and my physique is currently good. Just in time for SXSW when I’ll be running around, but in general I’d say Fit4RTX has a good start!

Okay, I’m going to play some KotORII now, have a great night folks!

Operation KNITTING – Day Three, it’s Getting Easier

Operation KNITTING – 10:59 AM. Reset, Day Zero

​Aw, man. I flubbed a bit today.

Overall today is really nice so far, but I did let myself wallow in some anger. Someone was talking about how they didn’t support livable minimum wage and instead of letting it roll off my back I got all pissy. So I reset to Day Zero, as are the rules, but that’s okay. The entire point of this is to get better at being positive, not to become immune to natural human emotions somehow. So no worries, but I’ll need to work harder.

Either way, it’s a pretty chill day so far. Here’s my list of positive things for today!

1. Off Topic Podcast is a joy and a pleasure, listening to it as I write this. I remember the Pain Station video, that was a hell of a good time. It’s a good laugh and I can’t wait to see Gavin’s title this week!

2. Today I went to Freebirds because of the unexpected money boost from yesterday. I like burritos and I had such a good workout yesterday and today I decided to give myself a treat.

3. Speaking of, today I also had a very nice workout. Not quite to the level of yesterday but I definitely did good, managed to somehow work out for something like an hour and forty-five minutes. So that was pretty cool.

4. I’m also going to try Rudy’s for the first time today, which I’m excited about. It’s one of the places I meant to try even before I lived down here, so I’m pretty happy about that. I’m excited to get some BBQ tonight!

5. Oh my God SXSW is coming up fast! I’ve found some lists of unofficial (read, free) metal shows and a means to RSVP to them (it’s the only way to keep from overfilling some of these venues, especially for smaller metal venues). I’m pretty excited, it’ll be my first SXSW so I’m eager to see how it goes!

Operation KNITTING – 10:59 AM. Reset, Day Zero