Operation KNITTING – SXSW Shenanigans

So I’m keeping this quick, sorry I missed the entry yesterday. Basically, I got mild sun fever after walking around all day. I also got a call saying there may be a catch in the job at the dealership, so I turned in early and basically fell asleep.

I’m juggling going out for St. Pat’s today, if I do I’ll likely hit up Rainey. Either way, hope y’all are having a great day!​ I think I might be close to kicking my addiction to politics – more on that to come later.

Either way, before I go out I’m watrching Don’t Drink And Drive Mario Kart with Achievement Hunter and ScrewAttack – I have a hell of a story from the only time I’ve played THAT game, but either way the title is good advice – don’t drink and drive!

Operation KNITTING – SXSW Shenanigans

Operation KNITTING update – 11:30PM. Reset, Day Zero

Fucking God dammit. Why do people keep needing to feed the troll that is Donald Trump?

I won’t say I got unreasonably angry – the existence of that living vomit stain can only reasonably be met with infuriated disgust – but for some reason today I just couldn’t let it go. I tried. I tried really hard. Obviously it didn’t work and the anger became overwhelming enough that I feel like I need to reset, so tomorrow will be another Day Zero.

But seriously, world, don’t feed the trolls. Please, for the love of God try to not talk about Donald Trump. Like every troll it only helps him. The fucking piece of shit.

Operation KNITTING update – 11:30PM. Reset, Day Zero

Operation KNITTING – Day 5 (Haha Get It?)

​Man, it’s getting harder to ignore politics but I am trying really hard to keep my nose out of it. But as they say, “brawl with a pig and you go away with his stink.” The old Norsemen had some solid wisdom.

And that wisdom has helped me pass through Day Four okay, despite the temptation to dwell in politics. I know only that today is a major milestone day in the elections, but I’m solid in my resolve to remain uninvolved beyond “Stop Donald Trump.”

Oh also this is Day Five. Anyone else hype for that show?

So I’ll hop on the positives real quick to get my mind farther from that circus.

1. I got Fable Anniversary in the mail today. I ordered it primarily with the Amazon gift card I got from my grandmother at Christmas. It is pre-owned, and while the box looks a little dinged the disc itself, overall, appears to be fine so here’s hoping it works!

2. Aminals play in Austin tomorrow! There’s some other SXSW stuff I’m hoping to do but that is the main thing and I am so damn excited for it!

3. My first unemployment check came today. Glad to say that as things stand it looks like it’ll be the first of only very few depending on when I start at the Ford place (or the other opportunity comes to fruition) but every little bit helps both before and after.

4. Back to the weather, it was like 90 degrees and sunny today as well, and it was magnificent. Flawless. It’s March 15th and it feels like the peak of Summer already as I understand it from the north. So this is exactly why I moved here.

5. It was just one of those days where I got a sight of myself in the gym mirror and realized that months and months of consistently working out means I actually look really good now. Not saying that in a braggy or conceited way, more in a “remap my brain to be able to see the good” way. My arms are getting thicker, my chest is getting better and my shoulders are more rounded. And dem calves, yo. Dem calves.

Okay, that’s that, I’m going to try and play Fable now, since Fable is awesome. People give it shit but I think it’s lovely.

Operation KNITTING – Day 5 (Haha Get It?)

Operation KNITTING – My First Day Four, a Big One

​Yeah I really don’t have a lot of commentary for you guys today. I feel different now. Better, just… better. It’s hard to explain it more than that. With the absence of the fear from my lack of employment (still don’t know when I’d be starting exactly but I should hear back soon) combined with the deliberate practice I’m doing here it’s having an appreciable effect on the way I think and act while at rest.

So let’s get on to my usual list, shall we?

1. HOLY FUCK KILLING JOKE WITH KEVIN CONROY AND MARK HAMILL! I’m not a huge comics guy but I genuinely enjoyed Killing Joke and to hear “my” Batman and Joker will be reprising their roles just makes me overjoyed. Because let’s face it, to most millennials those voices ARE Batman and the Joker.

2. It was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Austin today, and sunny. I had my windows open all day long to let in the fresh air. My apartment got up to 86 and I’m in heaven right now.

3. This one I may need to phrase a bit obscurely just because on ongoing whatevers, but I may have a uniquely well-suited opportunity in the near future (albeit one that is not writing related). I don’t see why it wouldn’t play out, but still, I don’t want to go counting unhatched chickens. However even the possibility (and pretty significant likelihood of that possibility being realized) is exciting. #teaseteasetease

4. Speaking of writing, doing some worldbuilding today. It’s a fun thing to do that’s probably the easiest thing about writing because it’s just listing all the cool shit. It’s basically just stretching, the equivalent of a mobility routine for your body only in your brain, but it’s a good way to get back in the groove.

5. In fact, I think I’ve had ideas come easier and more freely since I got the “congratulations we’ll follow up soon to tell you when you start” from the dealership. I think the fear being gone has basically opened the floodgates back up. Basically I apparently write the way people in disaster movies fuck: “oh God I’m so glad to be alive well you’re hard enough to work with lets GO.”

That went to a REALLY weird place. Good to know my absolutely vile sense of humor is recovering apace with everything else.

Anyway, I’m probably going to spend tonight in. My next real SXSW-related thing is Wednesday when Aminals are playing at Dirty Dog, but we’ll see if I don’t go in to do anything else tomorrow.

Operation KNITTING – My First Day Four, a Big One

Operation KNITTING – Day Three Down, With A Struggle

​I just wish people would stop talking about Donald Trump. That’s only helping him, even when you point out that he’s an obvious fascist who wants to fuck his own daughter, and whenever I see that face I get a flash of anger that I have to struggle to control. I managed to keep it today, but I really wish people would shut up about him.

Anyway, today was pretty hectic in a good way whenever I wasn’t on the Trump-infected internet, so damn do I have some good points to bring up.

1. I tried Torchy’s Tacos at last! I got the Mad Cow and the Matador, and they were as magnificent as I was led to believe.

2. I’m not sure if the album is out or not yet, but Skuggsja, made up of members of Wardruna and Enslaved, is some genuinely awesome epic Norse Metal. I’ve seen Enslaved live but not Wardruna, and enjoy both. This combined effort does not disappoint so far (the link is to an officially released track on their label’s actual channel, don’t worry).

3. Now that my jobhunt is over my brain’s energy has returned to creativity. I already have some work started today that I’ll continue tomorrow. Good work, or at least a good starting point. Three characters and one relic from a bygone story.

4. Tomorrow I might get to meet one of the podcasters from Writing Excuses, a podcast I listen to religiously. Dan Wells is debuting the film adaptation of his first published novel, ​I Am Not A Serial Killer​ and has mentioned that a meetup was possible. Unfortunately I’m not at the premiere right now, but I’m still thrilled that it exists and am eager to see it! Hell, I don’t even like horror movies, but I am still crazy hype for that one!

5. SXSW was a lot more low-key for me today, but I tied it into my #AustinSundayAdventure hashtag on twitter and instagram which meant I got a lot of sun and one free Shiner when I went to an otherwise-lackluster unofficial party. 

Operation KNITTING – Day Three Down, With A Struggle

Operation KNITTING – I’ll Count This One

​So I wasn’t very active in positivity today, but I wasn’t negative either. I could say I had reason to be, considering some circumstances, but I wasn’t. So I’m going to give today a pass and call it another completed Day Two.

I didn’t really do much of anything related to SXSW today. I meant to do a few things but I was so hung over from yesterday I basically didn’t bother. And I’m not 22 anymore. Back in the day I would have been happy to go to days of consecutive parties, but even now that the hangover is gone I’m simply too tired to go out, and have a few things I want to do tomorrow so I’ve been playing homebody.

And don’t worry, the “thing I could have been negative about” was nothing major, just a mess I had to clean up that took longer than I felt it should have.

Anyway, on to the usual! Like I mentioned I wasn’t very active today so some of these may be stretching it, but I’ll try!

1. My hair is even cooler than I thought. Because my beard grows in the same way Travis Fimmel’s does I legit look like Ragnar Lothbrok from seasons 1 and 2 before he shaved his head.

2. Despite it ending with me throwing up in a hotel bathroom, last night was really fun. Some Scottish millionaire kept paying for shots. Such is SXSW, I suppose?

3. I haven’t paid full price for a pizza in a long time. The Papa John’s people are on point with their social media coupons. In fact, today Pizza was my hangover food of choice.

4. I also made a lot of my own food for use during the week. It’s just vegetables and chicken, but it should be just what the doctor ordered to get me back on track. I’m not strictly dieting yet but still, I want to keep within reason even as I try to gain more strength.

5. I watched Episode 4 of Vikings season 4 today and holy shit I enjoyed it! Some slight potential spoilers (it’s available for free on the History channel official site, go watch it!) is that Alexander Ludwig is a brilliant facial actor. After the events of the season so far he just looks different now. Savage, almost feral. It’s a pretty badass transformation and I think the actor carries it so well.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll probably play some KotORII and maybe eat the rest of the pizza from earlier. I suppose a number 6 I could add is that it’s so good to be able to eat pizza and not have to beat myself up with buyer’s remorse.

Operation KNITTING – I’ll Count This One

Operation KNITTING – Yet Another Day One

​Okay this one is going to be quick, since I’m going downtown for SXSW right now. I’m going to jump right into the positives and off I go!

1. Like I said, finally going to see what SXSW is like! Not sure where I’m going or what I’m doing, but I’m heading to 6th ASAP.

2. I got an awesome haircut. I look like Ragnar Lothbrok now and I am pretty freaking thrilled about it.

3. Today I tried my bench and deadlift max lifts. Deadlift was 275 pounds and bench was 155. Not record-setting by any measure, but far better than they used to be!

4. I bought a new flavor or protein. It’s from Body Fortress, so not the best brand but far from the worst, and it was a cookies-and-cream flavor. I love cookies-and-cream things, so this is basically turning protein into a treat.

5. I got a job.

Oh right. Probably should have opened with that.

I have to pass a computer aptitude and drug test before I start, but once those are done I’m in. So all the fear and uncertainty of unemployment is now essentially gone.

I’ve been to hell and back in my head the last few weeks. And now, on the first day of SXSW 2016, it’s time for me to celebrate. Off I go!

Have a great day, all of you!

Operation KNITTING – Yet Another Day One