2015 – Some final thoughts then back to the grind

“And that was when things got a little crazy…”​

Well, kind of. Actually, my day-to-day life is as close to routine as it’s ever been, for better or for worse. But there were definitely a good deal of individual events that shook things up.

Just have to start with saying this was a way better year than 2013 and 2014. Not that it’d be too difficult since those years had a tendency to pinball between “rough” and ‘fucking godawful” with tolerable bits in between.  But still, this year was overall pretty solid.

So it started with an apocalyptic snowstorm that left me pretty much snowed in for days and crippled my home city, a rent payment issue on the side of the realty company that owned the building I lived in up until September and a really nasty stomach flu (I shit green for a week). So… yeah, like I said, it’s not hard to be better than 2013 and 2014.

But that was really almost all the bad stuff right up front. Aside from that, well, I did a ton of writing. That’s always good, although in December my productivity is way down because of the holidays. That’s pretty much normal, and I’m starting to ramp up production on stories again. In addition, my body is in the best condition of my life (or it was the week before Thanksgivng, heh!) since I’ve started to really get the hang of eating healthy and going to the gym regularly. RTX and UnCon were a blast as always, and they may well have been the best ones of each yet this year (I was fortunate enough to be able to tell at least some of the people who work on RTX that it was possibly my best vacation ever since moving). I also went to a fuckton of New England music shows, usually to see my own friends. During my time up here for the holidays I’m doing that as much as possible, including this very Saturday in Derry, NH.

Speaking of “while I’m up here,” on big life event that happened is that I moved to Austin, Texas. I decided it was time to have an adventure, and the fact that I wanted to be done with snow for a little while effected my decision. I will be living there until about next September and August.

Aaaand we’re getting to future goals, so why not go ham and list them all?

1. More writing. Duh. I plan on doing a full NaNoWriMo style production cycle in April in addition to next November. Because why the fuck not? As always, I’m going to try to get things published for money, but that’s going to take a lot of work, and a lot of luck.

2. Great American Road Trip. As of now the plan is to leave the Austin apartment in mid/late-August with two of my best friends and drive back to Boston in time to move in to somewhere on September 1st. Obviously this plan is in an extremely general, rudimentary phase so far.

3. Youtube! As some of you know I do a cooking show. Unfortunately I broke my camera shortly after I filmed Bacon-Wrapped Sriracha Chicken, That’s now fixed so I plan to film like a loon and set up an adsense account in case it takes off. Not that I expect it to, it’s mostly just an alternative creative outlet, but still.

4. Physical improvements. I plan on doing a two-week Buff Buddies post tonight, tomorrow or Friday to talk about those, but as cliched as it is to talk about this at New Year’s, I plan on taking the improvements I’ve made this last year and building on them. The short version, I finally fucked up over Christmas on both diet and training, and starting this week I’m back on the fitness wagon.

5. Blog more. Again, linked to the adsense (on the wordpress, not the RT journal but I’ll post everything but Buff Buddies or specific RT Community stuff on both) but I hope to do one a week of anything from short story samples to random thoughts. Let’s call it Sunday nights, think that works?

6. Curse more. It’s my natural way of speaking, dammit, and I plan to fucking embrace it.

As for just kind of general stuff, still single. It happens. I do have some funny stories about that but they work better in person or at least in my voice than in the written form. Also, probably the only bit of bad news that has hit me in recent months is I’m going back to freelance at work. That’ll… cause some issues of it’s own. I did manage to net a raise in doing it because sometimes making sure people ​aren’t​ taking you seriously can be as valuable as making sure they ​are.​ But I have no security, and I’ll probably try to score a part-time job for a buffer zone especially if none of my artistic goals take off financially just yet. Adding that to my list of things to do, I guess. 

Well, that’s bad news, but there’s also one bad possibility. PAX East is off the table in part because of my uncertain financial short-term future. It’s looking like UnCon may wind up joining it, but that’s still up in the air. I’m prepared for the worst, which is to completely miss it for the first time since it’s been called RvBTO (still it’s best-sounding name). 

That being said, the year is looking hopeful. I’m going to two New Years parties and a few more shows before I head back down to Texas, then I’m there for the long haul, possibly straight up until I move back up to Boston. And I look forward to testing myself, living on my own with no security and uncertain dreams. Because one way or another I can already tell I’m not coming back the same man I was when I moved down there, and it’s up to me to make sure a better man comes back than left. 

Happy New Year, and as I always say to people when I know they’ve got a job of work ahead of them, best of luck. To all of us.

2015 – Some final thoughts then back to the grind