Happy 2017 – Let’s Cut!

So it’s now 2017. Initially I was going to start with a clean bulk but I feel like, over the last few weeks, I gained just that hair of extra fat that I don’t really want on me when I start a bulk since there’s a risk it’d overtake my muscle gains. Can’t be having with that so at the moment I plan on going through the old Buff Dudes 12 Week Program while I do some cutting – gonna be a lot of chicken and vegetables and eggs in my future while I get myself a nice early-year shred.

After that I’ll write myself a bulking program or use the Buff Dudes bulking program depending on how my next twelve weeks go. Either way, it should be fun. Happy New Year!


Oh also, I wrote a journal entry here at least once a week (usually Sunday or Monday) every single week of 2016. I still plan on continuing that tradition so see you next week.

Happy 2017 – Let’s Cut!

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